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The first website was published in 1991 by Tim Berners-Lee and was pioneering in its own right, because one could now not only use the internet to send e-mails or to create a single page to view information on a computer, but the two could be combined to create a new, book-like feature where one could access information easier and faster by simply navigating to different pages using “hyperlinks.” However, as we know technology has a tendency to do, it soon developed into more than just headings and tables. Creativity was thrown into the mix and new programming methods (such as WC3) was utilized to ultimately create one of today’s fastest growing industries with companies in every country in the world and with every company in the world now having their own website.Web design is simply the creation of computer-based presentations by using “hypertext” technology. This presentation can then be accessed from any computer with Internet capability, because the web site or page is seen as an electronic document that is based on a central web server and once you click on a “hyperlink”, you access another page or electronic document based on the server. Text and images (such as GIF’s and JPEG’s) can be placed on the web page by using HTML or similar tags. However, more software in the form of “plug-ins” (for example, Java and Adobe Flash) is needed on one’s computer to access videos, animations and sounds. You will often find that a website offers convenient access to downloadable “plug-ins” in order to view content. As technology becomes more complex, website design becomes increasingly scientific with more emphasis on programming. This has lead to the actual design of websites becoming more creative and even a separate profession. Web design has turned into a type of graphic design where the designer styles and organizes information and structure of sites to give them aesthetic qualities. Companies can express more creativity through web design than print, because a web site can be altered at any moment. This offers more individuality and a company’s or individual’s website can, in this way, attract more attention. People, ultimately, judge websites as they judge books – by their covers.In order to make websites more interesting or attractive, web designers have started to incorporate videos, animation, photography, information architecture, marketing, authoring, communication design and typography. Web pages have also developed into two types: static pages constantly present the same content while dynamic pages have the ability to change their visual appearance depending on what the user and the developer does when using or modifying the page.A benefit of web design is that the site is always “live” and customers or users will always have access to what a company has to offer (from any location and at any time.) One can also, through a well designed website, reach a global market and even sell more products online. The first place people go for information today is the Internet and a business with a sought after product will immediately show up in search engines. Small businesses can also, through websites, compete with larger, more established companies. Web design has become an alternate future of print publishing, as websites are becoming more and more like books and magazines, with even more accessibility.

Online Training Opportunities for Web Design and Multimedia Careers – Computer Web Design

When looking to gain the education needed to enter into a career in web design and multimedia students have a number of online schools and colleges to choose from. Accredited online educational training programs give students the skills and knowledge they need to enter into the workforce prepared for the career of their dreams. Training for a career in this exciting field can be completed at the certificate level, as well as the associate, bachelor, master, and doctoral degree level. With an online educational program students can receive training in a number of specialized areas at a variety of levels.Website Design – Students who choose to train for a career in this area of the field can do so by completing an online training program. Preparing for a career in website design can allow students to obtain the certificate or degree of their choice. Length of study can range from six months for a certificate to six years or more for a degree. Coursework will vary by level of education and desired career but may consist of coursework such as:JavaScript
Computer Animation
Interface Design…and many other studies. By gaining skills and knowledge in these areas students will be prepared to pursue their desired career. Possible careers can include working as:Graphic Designers
Web Technicians
Computer Systems Designers
Desktop Publishers…and many other related professions. Students who choose to obtain an accredited online education in this area will gain skills and knowledge in computer technology, graphic design, content writing, site development, coding, and much more. Online educational training programs can give students education they need to pursue the career they desire.Web design and Multimedia – Obtaining an accredited education from an online school or college will give students the means to pursue a variety of careers in this area of the field. Students have the opportunity to earn an accredited certificate or degree which can take anywhere from months to years to obtain. Coursework will vary but may consist of studies such as:Principles of Design
Audio Production
Website Design
Studio Art
Video Production…and many other related subjects. By learning these subjects, students will be prepared to enter into a variety of careers. Possible employment can include working as:Computer Animators
Web Designers
Multimedia Production Designers
Graphic Designers…and many other professions. Online career training in web design and multimedia can prepare students to enter the workforce with the skills to carry out tasks like creating content for websites, video games, computer games, and much more. Accredited online schools and colleges will provide the education needed to succeed.Fully accredited online educational training programs are available for those looking to pursue a career in this exciting field. Students can enroll in a number of schools and colleges to gain the quality education they desire. Full accreditation is provided by agencies like the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges ( to qualifying programs that offer the best education possible. Students can research various online programs to learn more about the one that fits their individual goals and needs.DISCLAIMER: Above is a GENERIC OUTLINE and may or may not depict precise methods, courses and/or focuses related to ANY ONE specific school(s) that may or may not be advertised at 2010 – All rights reserved by